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Sun Hive

Concept: Feel Bangalore

Bangalore is widely known for its big heart to welcome people from all over the world because of its fabulous weather, flourishing greenery, massive lakes and spacious residential layouts (jayanagar, basavanagudi, malleshwaram).  However city’s charisma has worsened owing to the sudden boom in IT industry and sky rocketing rise in the population of the city, which raised from 3 million to 10 million in less than 15 years.

Design Proposal: The given site is 7 acres and 16 guntas out of which around 6 acres and 16 guntas has been earmarked for development and is divided in two Phases (Residential and Commercial). The  one acre towards south-east in front is proposed for commercial development like Restaurant cum Service apartment/ suites or a Commercial complex cum Multiplex and the remaining 5 acres and 16 guntas for residential development. The main entrance is towards the north-east of the plot and the row-houses are placed to face east and west for better air-circulation, views and for vaastu. At the rear, we have proposed a manmade lake and an open air theatre to address large gathering. The collected rain water will be filtered for drinking and the treated waste water will be channeled to the lake.